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Revolutionize your supply chain and make a systematic difference to your warehousing, packaging and logistics process.

We offer you temporary storage systems for waste and recyclables.

Who We Are?

GEOPALL L.L.C. is an industrial trading company in Tbilisi – Georgia, well-organized and highly experienced in packaging products, dealing particularly with Plastic Pallets and Plastic Box Pallets for food & pharmaceutical industries. We also supply different Plastic Waste Bins in the waste management context. We offer quality PET flakes in various colors suitable for different applications.

Plastic Mobile Garbage Bin

Our waste bins are made of HDPE plastic material and UV stabilizer additives. We help you to manage recyclable disposal. Mobile Garbage Bins with lids are ideal for waste collection and disposal, waste applications, compost, and recyclables.

Plastic Pallet

Our plastic pallets are made of HDPE/PP injection grade and UV stabilizer additives. We support you in having more hygienic, safer, and better storing, stacking, and logistics processes. You will enjoy storing and transporting your goods safe and clean without damage.

Plastic Box Pallet

Our Plastic Box Pallets are made of HDPE and UV stabilizer additives and are ideal for handling bulk, tiny, and other items that cannot be packed. We help you save more space in product storage, organized access, and comfortable transport.

PET Flakes

Our Plastic PET Flakes are made of recycled post-consumer/post-industrial pet scraps and are ideal for many applications such as non-food packaging, automotive parts, technical and textile (Polyester) fibers, etc.

Plastic Management Tools

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